Spoken Out

Audio Installation

6 channel loudspeaker system

Images: © Mark Blower

Spoken Out is an audio in which the artists’ voice occupies a set of speakers positioned on a gallery floor. Working through a small set of phrases and fragments that reframe each other as they appear in the space and unfolding time-line of the work, Spoken Out conjures a contradictory presence from the meeting of ephemeral vocalisation and the concrete objects of speakers, amplifiers and wires.

“I’m out of the picture. I’m speaking things out. I’m speaking out.”

The voice in Spoken Out is both disembodied – perplexed by its lack of human place – and, at the same time, firmly located in the materiality of speakers and wires which substantially create, make place for, and frame the work. Etchells’ repeated, re-spoken and re-made phrases meanwhile also become strangely concrete language-objects through the work, which summons identity and fictitious presence in its simple procedure of repeating and remixing.