Open Mind


Audio, variable install configurations

Duration 11 minutes

Image © Courtesy of VITRINE, photographer Nici Jost.

In the audio installation Open Mind, Etchells works and reworks the phrase ‘we do what we can’.

In a series of linked textual variations and versions – what can we do? do we do what we can? we do what we can do – he develops a complex, unraveling and contradictory monologue delivered via multiple speakers, through which the gallery itself appears to be turning over these existential and political questions. Dealing with repetition, re-phrasing and change in a minimal text, the work develops an aspect of his practice begun with his installations Laugh/Cry and Spoken Out (2015), Together Apart (2017), currently exhibited at Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany and Stand Off created for his solo-show at Plymouth Arts Centre, UK in 2015.