Here are links to some resources you can find online in relation to Tim’s work.


* Tim is interviewed by Kinga Jaczewskais for DeSingel.

Tim talks about art, theatre, audience and working between performance and visual art.

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Susie Pentelow for Corridor8

Tim talks to Susie Pentelow at Corridor8 about his work with language in visual art context, including new sculptural projects for 2018 at Baltic/Great Exhibition of the North, Frieze Sculpture and Vitrine, London.

* Interview from 2018 with Phil Cleaves about performance, Forced Entertainment, duration, witnessing and creative process.

Long in-depth interview by Phil Cleaves at Essential Drama. Read Tim’s immediate responses towards storytelling, witnessing, imagination, memory, editing, chaos, virtuosity, transformation and endings.

* Tim Etchells and Martin O’Brien interviewed by the British Council Theatre and Dance team

Tim and Martin O’Brien discuss performance, politics and zombies. They also share their creative process, inspiration and thoughts about their work at In Between Time 2017 in Bristol where Tim performed his solo work A Broadcast/Looping Pieces. (2017).

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Inigo Art

Tim talks in depth about different type of visibility as an artist, also about the importance of collecting language and his working process focussing on Let’s Pretend at Blackpool and Bloomberg SPACE in London and Eyes Looking in Times Square in New York.

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Dirk Vanduffel for Art Dependence

Tim talks about his current show at Vitrine Basel Open Mind, his interest in sound pieces like Together Apart and Open Mind which are in the exhibition and his fascination with language focussing in Seeing Through Walls. (2017)

* Tim Etchells writes for the Berliner Festspiele blog

Tim writes about Time as Frame: On the structure and weight of time on a stage – with particular reference to Forced Entertainment’s Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare. (2016)

* Tim Etchells writes in Stedelijk Studies

Tim writes about his work A Broadcast / Looping Pieces, in this online journal. The article includes images of some of the annotated index cards Tim uses as a score in the performance. (2016)

* Tim Etchells interviewed in Shakespeare Magazine

Tim discusses Forced Entertainment’s Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare, and the role of live streaming in the presentation of the work. (2016)

* Tim Etchells interviewed in Nachtkritik

Tim discusses the role of live streaming in the Forced Entertainment durational work Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare. (2015)

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Marion Siefert, Berlin

Good general discussion of Forced Entertainment’s aesthetic, relation to audiences and meaning-making, plus some questions specific to the 2014 Forced Entertainment work for children and young people The Possible Impossible House and the 2010 project Void Story, both of which use projected images as a main element. (2015)

* Tim Etchells writes for Forced Entertainment notebook about durational work

Tim’s text An Island, A Prison Cell, A Hotel Bed, A No-Man’s Land speaks in detail about durational performances, rules and game structures, with particular reference to Forced Entertainment’s shows Quizoola!, 12am Awake and Looking Down, Speak Bitterness and On the Thousandth Night. (2013)

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Diana Damien for RunRiot

Tim talks about the future, text and audience imagination in Forced Entertainment’s work Tomorrow’s Parties, in conversation with Diana Damien. (2013)

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Sophie Risner for White Hot Magazine

Discussion of Tim’s 2010 solo show at London gallery Gasworks, with some focus on City Changes and the Manifesta 7 project and video work Art Flavours. (2010)

* Tim Etchells writes on Meg Stuart collaboration in Are We Here Yet?

A brief note by Tim about his collaboration with choreographer Meg Stuart, published in Are We Here Yet?, an artist’s book in which Meg Stuart reflects on her practice in dialogue with previous collaborators. (2010)

* Tim Etchells interviewed by Ben Borthwick

In depth discussion of Tim’s work City Changes (and the process of making it), which was part of the show What A Wonderful World, curated by Celia Prado and Johan Pousette for the 2009 Göteborg Biennial. This interview featured in the Biennal catalogue. (2009)

* Tim Etchells on dance and movement

Tim writes for the new publication What I Think About When I Think About Dancing published by Campbelltown Arts Centre, Campbelltown, Australia. Curators: Lisa Havilah, Emma Saunders, Susan Gibb. (2009)

* Tim Etchells interviewed in Hot Review

Long in-depth interview with Tim about durational performances, with particular reference to the Forced Entertainment works Quizoola!, 12am Awake and Looking Down, Speak Bitterness and And On The Thousandth Night… (2008)



* The Quiet Volume, Tim Etchells
Tim talking about The Quiet Volume, his collaboration with Ant Hampton. (05:45, 2013)

* Leakages in Other Directions, Tim Etchells
Tim interviewed by Anneliese Ostertag and Pujan Karambeigi, before performing A Broadcast/Looping Pieces at the Battersea Arts Centre, on the 14th of November 2015. Tim talks about working between different sets of practices and fractured institutions. (02:40, 2015)

* Is Why The Place, Tim Etchells
Tim discussing the significance of points of departure and return, and his neon Is Why The Place, made for Folkestone Triennial. (02:04, 2014)

* Solo Work | Moving Words, Tim Etchells (#FE84-14 No. 18)
Tim discussing work with language and improvisation, with specific reference to his solo A Broadcast/Looping Pieces, and linked to his collaboration with Aisha Orazbayeva Seeping Through. Tim also talks about the relationship between the performative work in this context and his neon sculptures created using single simple phrases. (10:04, 2014)

* 24HR Quizoola! | Only Thinking Space, Tim Etchells (#FE84-14 No. 27)
Tim talking about durational performance and improvisation, in relation to the role of the comical, exhaustion and innovation. Especially, but not exclusively, related to the durational performance Quizoola! created with Forced Entertainment. (05:27, 2014)

* Durational work, Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment
Tim discussing durational performance, with particular reference to the work of Forced Entertainment. (03:07, 2014)

* Untitled (After Violent Incident) and City Changes, Tim Etchells
Tim interviewed at Arnolfini, Bristol, about his works Untitled (After Violent Incident) and City Changes, which were part of the exhibition Version Control. (05:29, 2013)

* The Coming Storm, Forced Entertainment
Tim talking about the genesis and process of making 2012 Forced Entertainment show The Coming Storm, at PACT Zollverein, Essen (Germany). (05:18, 2012)

* In Pieces, Tim Etchells
Tim talking about memory, text and performance, in the context of his works Sight is the Sense with Jim Fletcher and In Pieces, a solo made for the dancer Fumiyo Ikeda. (2009)

* Sight Is The Sense That Dying People Tend to Lose First, Tim Etchells
Tim discussing his monologue Sight Is The Sense That Dying People Tend To Lose First, written for the performer Jim Fletcher. (05:05, 2009)



*Helmut Ploebst reviews Tim’s collaboration with Meg Stuart “Shown and Told” in Der Standard (text in German)

Review by Jonathan Kalb of the Jim Fletcher monologue performance Sight is the Sense and Forced Entertainment’s Quizoola!

Review of Tim’s 2017 collaboration with choreographer Meg Stuart Shown & Told.

Gracie Linden reviews Tim’s solo show More Noise, at Bloomberg SPACE, London. (2016)

Mars Dietz reviews Eyes Looking, Tim’s video installation commission for New York’s Times Square, in Routine Magazine. (2016)

*Alexandra Warder from This is Tomorrow reviews The Facts On The Ground, a text installation, a performance and a neon installation, exhibited over VITRINE’s two spaces in Bermondsey Street and Bermondsey Square in 2015.

* Andrew Haydon reviews Seeping Through, Tim’s collaboration with violinist Aisha Orazbayeva. (2015)

* Andrew Haydon reviews Inside Outside, an improvised solo performance made by Tim in relation to a screening of Teching Hsieh’s extraordinary film documenting Hsieh’s outdoor One Year Performance 1981-1982. (2015)

* Weronika Trojanska reviews the solo A Broadcast / Looping Pieces in Metropolism. (2015)

*William Clarke reviews Tim’s solo show ‘For Everything’ at Vitrine London including the neon piece ‘For Everything’ and photo series ‘From Behind’.



* The Notebook (2014)

* The Possible Impossible House (2014)

* The Last Adventures (2013)

* Void Story (2009)

* Spectacular (2008)

* Exquisite Pain (2005)

* Bloody Mess (2004)

* First Night (2001)