A Broadcast / Looping Pieces


Image: © Piet Janssens

A Broadcast / Looping Pieces is an improvised text and performance work by Tim Etchells. It has been presented in a number of different contexts – sometimes as an hour-long performance in theatre spaces to a seated audience, and sometimes as shorter fragments in a gallery or other settings, with more mobile or informally constituted audiences.

The improvised core of the work is a live remixing by Etchells of pages from his notebook – in fact a chaotic accumulating Word file in which the artist has, for many years, gathered fragments of text, ideas, overheard conversation, cut-and-paste-excerpts from newspaper articles and web pages, writings, drafts, quotations and other notes. Selecting passages from this textual scrapbook Etchells winds, intercuts, weaves and collides language – frequently looping and repeating on individual lines, at other times editing and re-writing on the fly, creating dialogues, juxtapositions and ambiguous collisions.

Exploring archive, the process of writing and gathering, A Broadcast / Looping Pieces is an improvised window on Etchells’ approaches to text, exploring creative process, and the transformative power of performance itself.


Here is a long article by Claire Swyzen on A Broadcast/Looping Pieces, in relation to the idea of databases, also looking in detail at related works by other artists.
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