Shown and Told

Collaboration with Meg Stuart

Images: © Tine Declerck

Like boarded up windows, like stone steps, like the sound of voices from a far away room, like the smell of burning, like the way that condensation forms on windows, like searching for something, like searching through rooms.

Shown and Told is a dynamic but fragile performance collage built from studio improvisation, balancing fixed material and possibilities for free-play. Arising from an exchange between choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart and writer and performance maker Tim Etchells, it exposes the very different practice and sensibilities of these two artists, exploring the relationship between movement, image and performing bodies. Working with vivid and surprising images, some of them physical some of them linguistic, the two performers develop a conversation that is tough, touching and comical by turns.

Created and performed by Meg Stuart and Tim Etchells
Technical realisation: Gilles Roosen and Jitkse Vandenbussche
Production manager: Annabel Heyse
Production: Damaged Goods

Helmut Ploebst reviews Shown and Told in Der Standard (text in German) here.