Unwritten Malady

15 November 2009

I have a new video/text work titled Unwritten in the show The Malady of Writing (a project on text and speculative imagination), curated by Chus Martinez, at MACBA Study Centre, at Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona – the show runs from 20 November until March 7th 2010. Unwritten follows a little from the work I’ve done with Starfucker and 100 People, as well as the live-writing experiment of the Long Relay project I organised with Adrian Heathfield a couple of years back.

Inspired by two texts in the MACBA collection – Guy de Cointet’s Tell Me and The Fox, a publication initiated by the New York branch of Art and Language and described as “a quite particular collection of texts in different book forms written by artists” The Malady of Writing comprises 160 plus titles from more than 50 authors, including my own book The Broken World and the new work mentioned above.

Meanwhile a selection from the Empty Stages photographs series I’ve been working on in collaboration with Hugo Glendinning is currently part of Looking Aside at the Peter Scott Gallery in Lancaster. The show runs until 11 December and features work connected to performance and documentation with work by Manuel Vason (The Spill Tarot) and Lucy Cash/Goat Island (video installation) amongst others.


Nice review of the Durham Lumiere show (see immediately below), though I find it weird (or rude) when people neglect to mention artists’ names.