Long Relay

Collaborative real-time internet writing project
Collaboration with Adrian Heathfield

Images: © Tim Etchells

Long Relay is a real-time call-and-response writing project conducted remotely over the internet, in which an initial text is constantly transformed, refracted, distorted and reinvented by a sequence of writers in turn, continuously over a single 24 hour period. The project explores the idea of parallel worlds; the alternate realities or versions that can emerge or grow in reaction to a single starting point. It also explores the art of writing itself; its processes of evolution, creative extension, reversal and upheaval.

This collaboration with Adrian Heathfield was first presented at the Serpentine Gallery, London as part of Olafur Eliasson and Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Experiment Marathon, 2007.
With writers Tom McCarthy, Deborah Levy, M. John Harrison, Shelley Jackson, Fiona Templeton and Simon Bayly.

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