Fragments Again

11 October 2007

Curator Adam Budak has invited me to take part in Manifesta 7 in Italy next year. Adam is organising the exhibition in Rovereto. Site visit coming soon.


Tom McCarthy’s new book Men In Space has a nice review in The Observer. Looking forward to reading it. Tom’s taking part in this weekend’s Long Relay event hosted by Serpentine gallery. Also confirmed for Long Relay now are Simon Bayly (Roehampton University/Theatre Pur) and Shelley Jackson whose as yet incomplete Skin project – a story published (as single-word tattoos) on the skin of 2095 volunteers – looks pretty amazing.


My performance/lecture in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago jumped from its supposed topic of dramaturgy to a story about an inexplicable bout of crying that I’d experienced last year in front of a Cy Twombly painting at Guggenheim NY. As a follow up my friend Christine Peters just sent me info on a book called Pictures & Tears: A History of People Who Have Cried in Front of Paintings by James Elkins, an art historian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Great title at least – will have to track it down. Amazon calling.

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