Last Minute/Long Relay

12 October 2007

Timetable for The Long Relay writers is below. Looking forward to it. Big thanks to Ben and Eva at Serpentine for helping to pull the whole thing together this last ten days.

Saturday 13 October

13.00-16.00: Tim Etchells in Bergen, Norway
16.00-19.00: Tom McCarthy in London
19.00-22.00: Deborah Levy in London

Sunday 14 October

22.00 (Sat)-01.00: M. John Harrison in London
01.00-04.00: Shelley Jackson in New York
04.00-07.00: Fiona Templeton in New York
07.00-10.00: Simon Bayly in London
10.00-13.00: Adrian Heathfield in London


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