Wright Stuff

15 May 2009
Session Timeout


Every day I like to put a little bit of time aside and just.. forget about it. Then at the end of the year I get a few days to myself.

I have to be asleep by one o clock in the morning cos my dreams are gonna start no matter if I’m asleep or not.

‘Thinking about dead-pan and the idea of ‘absent presence’ (or present absence) in performance I had a mini Steven Wright revival in the last few days. Great stuff on YouTube. It’s genius what he does.


Following an earlier post (A Revamped Procedural Sky System) about landscape and sky generators for computer games and with a nod to The Broken World, my friend Graham Parker mailed with a link to this great blog sequence describing a project to build a procedural city generator. Something about the self-sustained, self-contained nature of these that I really love – the idea of an endless fictional urban space, animated, endlessly varied within a set of minimal parameters, also this explicit relation whereby maths/systems produce fictional landscape.


Overheard in Brussels, in a bar sometime the night before last. Two guys talking. One leaning forward on the table, the other leaning back in his seat.

“It seems as though information is the currency here..”

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