30 March 2010

The latest of my Guardian Performance Diary pieces – on the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow – is online. There are some questionable edits… but there we go. Why would anyone think that this sentence:

Ron’s absence – slipped away in the Glasgow night – only seems to further fuel the rumour fire, adding mystery to deliberate injury.

Is improved by being turned into this:

Meanwhile, Athey’s absence – slipped away in the Glasgow night – only adds further fuel to the fire.

The edit is shorter I know, and very likely clearer. But….


My video 100 People is part of What If… festival at Siobhan Davies Studios in London next week. Co-curated by Lucy Cash, Becky Edmunds, Claudia Kappenberg and Chirstinn Whyte with Gill Clarke from Independent Dance, the festival mixes live performances from dance and live art with screen work by myself, Cornelia Parker, John Smith, Miranda Pennell, Desperate Optimists and Oreet Ashery.


Art Review is now available online and is a real treat for people that like having to register and create passwords, reading articles in flash-pop-ups with idiosyncratic navigation and text that’s displayed in special way so that it can’t be copy-pasted. Probably should’t be so rude – the content is pretty great and the review by Mark Rappolt, of my recent Gasworks show, which closed last week, is a good one.


I also have work in an on-going series of Forest Fringe micro-festivals, the first of which takes place at BAC this coming weekend. My project is a series of four posters for imaginary events allegedly taking place in each of the four locations of the micro-festival (London, Bristol, Swansea and Glasgow), and as soon as I get myself organised I’m going to make a version of the poster available for download here.

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