The Faraway Place

20 May 2008
That Night Follows Day - Notes in Glasgow

Another extremely positive review of That Night Follows Day from the Tramway performances, in the Scotsman (second piece on the page, with the title slightly wrong!).

Liking this violent and endlessly convoluted Guardian piece on drug gangs in Liverpool, especially the overload of nick-names, and jargon explanation.

They call it Easydrugs. With counter-narcotics officers able to monitor emails and telephone conversations, the latest modus operandi of Liverpool’s cocaine dealers relies on catching budget flights from Merseyside to contacts throughout Europe, relaying messages and instructions in person, often returning the same day…

Smigger decided to front it out. He was a good blagger. He told the people from the Faraway Place [the Liverpool mafia’s nickname for Colombia] that the load [of cocaine] was probably rotting on a dockside somewhere in Holland and that he knew nothing about it.

And later in the same piece:

The Colombians contracted a top emissary in the Flat Place [underworld slang for the Netherlands] to recover the debt. He went to Amsterdam, but he was shot by Smigger’s firm.