That Night Follows Day – UK Premiere – Tour Dates

15 May 2007
That Night Follows Day - Phile Deprez 01

The UK Premiere of That Night Follows Day is this Friday and Saturday (18th and 19th May), in Birmingham as part of the Fierce Festival. I’m really looking forward to that. The piece is a collaboration between myself and the Flemish theatre company Victoria, and has a cast of seventeen children, between the ages of eight and fourteen. The set is by Richard Lowdon (Forced Entertainment) and the lights are designed by Nigel Edwards who has worked with me and my colleagues at Forced Ents for a very long time. The pictures here are by Phile Deprez.That Night Follows Day - Phile Deprez 02

Someone wrote a very nice blog entry following the first performances in Brussels the week before last. You can read it here.

You tell jokes to us.
You grade us. You tell us that we’ve worked hard, or that we have to work harder.
You save our drawings.
You say that Rome was not built in a day.
You say that silence is golden, that silence is important.
You sit by the bed.

You stand in the doorway.
You wait in the car.
You wait outside.
You teach us to swim.
You read to us about things that happened in a very far off, very distant galaxy.

You watch us when you think we aren’t looking.
You look at us with expressions that we can’t exactly read or properly recognise.

The whole tour list for 2007 is down below. There are already more dates planned for 2008, and I’ll try to add these here soon.

  ******   That Night Follows Day – Tour 2007
04.05.07 Brussel – Kunstenfestivaldesarts
05.05.07 Brussel – Kunstenfestivaldesarts
06.05.07 Brussel – Kunstenfestivaldesarts
07.05.07 Brussel – Kunstenfestivaldesarts
18.05.07 Birmingham (UK) – Fierce Earth Festival
19.05.07 Birmingham (UK) – Fierce Earth Festival
07.09.07 Rotterdam (NL) – Rotterdamse Schouwburg
08.09.07 Rotterdam (NL) – Rotterdamse Schouwburg
21.09.07 Graz (A) – Steirischer Herbst
22.09.07 Graz (A) – Steirischer Herbst
23.09.07 Graz (A) – Steirischer Herbst
12.10.07 Modena (I) – Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival
13.10.07 Modena (I) – Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival
19.10.07 Hamburg (D) – Kampnagel
20.10.07 Hamburg (D) – Kampnagel
02.11.07 Paris (F) – Festival d’Automne
03.11.07 Paris (F) – Festival d’Automne
04.11.07 Paris (F) – Festival d’Automne
23.11.07 München (D) – Spielart Festival
24.11.07 München (D) – Spielart Festival
30.11.07 Berlin (D) – Hebbel am Ufer
01.12.07 Berlin (D) – Hebbel am Ufer