Murky Notes

13 July 2007
1001 Nights - It Is Murky And Opaque

I just submitted my story for tonights 1001 Nights Cast. It will be broadcast live at 20.53 UK time at the site above – just less than four hours from the moment of my posting this. Later it will be added to the archive on the site where you can read it. The prompt for the story was “it is murky and opaque“.

Meanwhile Lyn Gardner at The Guardian has something on her blog discussing the publication Programme Notes which she, I and a whole load of other contemporary performance people have contributed to. The book is available from the Live Art Development Agency here and consists of writings, case studies and so on exploring the relationship between mainstream theatre venues here in the UK and more experimental practise. Its a fraught topic, and one which can induce feelings of despair (!) but the hope is that things in the UK are slowly shifting towards a more challenging, open and inclusive definition of what theatre might be, especially in the larger spaces.

Let’s hope, keep fingers crossed (and lobby), that further cuts to the Grants For the Arts scheme, or a negative result for the Arts Council in the Government’s upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review don’t make the environment for innovation even more precarious or hostile.