London Assortment

24 February 2010

I’m doing a talk with Ant Hampton at Gasworks next week alongside my solo show which is running there. The talk event is Wednesday 3rd March 2010. 7-8.30pm. Brochure says:

Artist and writer Tim Etchells and performer and writer Ant Hampton discuss delegation and collaboration across different fields of practice. The two practitioners will reflect on how the act of relinquishing control over the final outcome is embedded in their work and on their relationship to improvisation and incompleteness.

Ant and I organised the virtual programme of live-art for the ICA, True Riches last year after director Ekow Eshun announced the closure of the Live Art department there. If things continue to head downhill at ICA as rapidly as they seem to be doing, we may yet have to organise a virtual program for the entire building.

Currently Ant and I are collaborating on a small project which takes off from Ant’s ‘autoteatro’ production Etiquette. The new work – for two audience members/performers – is specifically designed to be presented in libraries and we had a very rapid-fire, playful and largely whispered meeting and try-out of some ideas in London last week at the British Library.

Meanwhile another of Ants ‘autoteatro’ projects GuruGuru – his collaboration with Joji Koyama and Sam Britton (aka Isambard Khroustaliov) – plays London from March 4 – 28 in an unusual space below Camden People’s Theatre, just north of Tottenham Court Road (other side of Euston Rd).


Also next week in London is one night of Kate McIntosh‘s All Natural. Her first project (there are three more so far already), All Natural starts with “a showgirl who seems to have emerged from a month lost in the forest – muddy, messy, and more animal than human”. It’s a fascinating piece and I’m sad that I can’t be there to see it again. Regular readers here will have come across Kate in fragments and quotes here and there in the notebook over the last couple of years. I contributed text to a later project of Kate’s (called Loose Promise) and since then was involved in her most recent performance Dark Matter, advising/mentoring (not sure about that word!), throwing in some text and asking useful (and useless) questions here and there. In some kind of complicated about-face Kate is now advising me.. helping us to shape the movement material in Forced Entertainment’s new work The Thrill of it All. All Natural is at 7:45pm, Thursday 4 March at the Purcell Room / Southbank Centre, London. Booking info here. Try to catch it if you can.