6 May 2008

I mentioned before that working is underway on a German translation of my Endland Stories for the Swiss publisher Diaphanes. The new book will feature the stories from the original Endland collection, as well as a collection of further stories in related territory, many of which were written for other projects, notably Barbara Campbell's 1001 nights cast and Kate McIntosh's performance Loose Promise. From time to time I'm getting emails with language questions from my friend Astrid whose got the inenviable task of translating Endland's blunt vernacular into improper German.  The following arrived from her this morning – a list of the words, names and terms from the book, for possible inclusion in an ironic/messed up glossary that we're discussing. I liked the list at least – and how it gives a strange, off-centre map of the book, or the kinds of things in it.

Tesco (à Aldi)
Norton Commando
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Scalectrix (à Carrera)
Yates' Wine Lodge (à Weinlokal)
Fred and Rosie West
Leah Betts
Joe Haldemann
? Baby Sham (Fake Kids)
Lucozade (à Red Bull)
Dick Turpin
Shepperton Studios
Toddington Services
Ken Livingstone
Pig Trouble
? Mr. Twinkle, Mr. Bumpy, Mr. Stretchy
Diet Lilt (à Diät-Fanta-Exotic)
Chain Gang
Dunce cap
Hammer House of Death (à Haus des Grauens)
Game of Life
(100 Club)
Blue Boar Services
Leicester Forest East
Fair&Square Club
Robot Beach
(Peter, Paul&Mary)
Penn and Teller
(Gin Palace)
? George Davies
Plague Dogs (à Hunde des schwarzen Todes)
(Dorothea Lange)
Cromwell Street
Manor Estate
(Donkey Jacket)


Images of the Delsarte system of expression, popularized in the 1880s
and found in the volume: The Popular Entertainer and Self-Instructor in Elocution, at the blog Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities.

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