24 July 2009

N (who is 5) says these words of greeting as I walk out of the train station and towards the car.

You're a bad man sometimes.  You say you can fly but really you are walking. Is that right?


C wrote: this lake is actually very deep and supposed to have a british plane from WW II in it, with it's pilot/the remains of him… It is in the East and they say that the GDR neither had the money to look for the plane nor did they care. If my diving brings light into the story, i'll let you know.


Hi Rabih

Just to say that I finally went into the bank today and organised the transfer of the fee for your lovely Vienna text. Thanks again.

They told me the transfer should take a week or so.

The woman who served me at the bank wanted to know what country you were in. I told her Lebanon. She said "is that a country?" I said, er,  yes. She said she never heard of it. She explained that she thought that Lebanon was a language, possibly connected to Libya. I said no, it's a country. A small one. Where? She wanted to know. I said bordering Israel, Syria, Jordan.

She shrugged. She said "You learn something every day".

I'm sorry about this. Also – it's not intended as an excuse if the money is late – the personal knowledge of the bank tellers does not affect the money transfer.

all the best