false sense of complete control

29 November 2007

Wendy wrote from Australia re the lag and travel horrors, this time long haul – see my text version of something connected – motion stasis.

1st day: everything moving but with no discernible rhythm. 2nd day: the back of my body arrives. 3rd day: more breath but then a deep, deep emptying – almost like falling for hours. 4th day: rhythm coming back into the walk and a smile that means it. 5th day: the cartilage seems to connect up. 6th day: stamina returning with desire to walk for hours and hours. 7th day: tiredness that comes from being able to recognise sensation in the body. 8th day: deeper tiredness combined with desire to go out for a drink but not able to fulfil the desire due to tiredness. 9th day: false sense of complete control combined with ineffectual suggestions at work. 10th day: suppleness returns, along with appetite and real taste and ability to notice other people. I heard it takes a day for every time zone crossed so eleven days would be about right.


My pics from arrivals in Munich the other day.