Eyes Looking – Times Square, New York, October 2016

1 October 2016 - 31 October 2016
Eyes Looking - video installation for Times Square - Tim Etchells. Image courtesy of the artist.

Eyes Looking. Hands Holding. Hearts Beating. Fingers Touching. Brains Thinking. Feet Walking.

Eyes Looking is a new video work from Tim Etchells. This multi-channel video installation – a commission for Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moment – will be shown on the jumbotron screens in Times Square, New York throughout October 2016 as part of Crossing The Line festival.

Eyes Looking shows a series of short phrases spelled out in letters made of ice, which dissolve to water, the words turning repeatedly to pattern, shape, and reflection. The different displays across Times Square will show different phrases appearing in dialogue with each other, creating unexpected variations, scramblings and re-imaginings of the body and its activities.

Eyes Touching. Hands Walking. Blood Listening. Ears Looking.

Etchells’ texts at the heart of Eyes Looking draw attention to the human beings who pass through Times Square in the present, as well as those who have been there in the past. The work highlights the small actions and human details that bring us together, generating a sense of the multitude of living, breathing and moving bodies present together in the public space of a city.