Exit Trail

23 September 2007

I had some really interesting back and forth in email with Julie Tolentino, who sent more thoughts about her work, and the text I wrote about her 24 hour dance performance A True Story About Two People, recently here and here. Here’s a part of what she wrote:

what captured me… was that you discussed the ‘leaving’.  after the premiere of this work in NY, this was the most memorable and poignant experiences, as well as the most visceral and palpable.  if there was any sensation that was heightened, it was as if i could feel the start of the departure between me and my [dance] partner – ages it seemed, before the partner would actually leave.  or if i didn’t feel it, i was acutely aware of the palpable ‘exiting trail’ – the moment [of] the last separation of physical touch.  i was shocked every time at the depth of sensation, the pliable withdrawing, the real sense of loss. also the manoever. what was slipping away in the form of composure and decision-making. also, it was as if i was a butt of my own joke, unplanned and unexpected…. i think i was surprised at the continued, still surprising density of those experiences in the berlin presentation.