Exhibitions & Events

8 September 2010

My piece City Changes is in the show LONELY AT THE TOP: Modern Dialect at M HKA (Antwerp) alongside work by Corey McCorkle, Marte Johnslien, Luc Kheradmand, Mark Macken, Jef Verheyen, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, Erik van Lieshout, Kris Fierens & Tinka Pittoors, David Diao, Susanne Kriemann and Pavel Büchler. It runs 10 Sept 2010 – 14 Nov 2010.

Subtitled: Contemporary artists look at the work of Renaat Braem, the show is curated by Win Van den Abbeele. The description goes like this:

"Looking back at an oeuvre that united architecture, commitment, politics and reflection as an art form. August 2010 marks the centenary of the birth of one of Belgium’s best-known architects, Renaat Braem, and this is being celebrated in ‘Renaat Braem 1910-2010’. Part of it is an exhibition called Modern Dialect that will be held at three venues: the top floors of the M HKA (LATT), CC Nova in Hoboken and on the Braem site itself. It brings Braem’s modernist formal idiom face to face with work by contemporary artists. Their sculptures and installations expose a number of paradoxes and create a multifaceted view of modernism and the social utopia of that movement, which still has an influence on international architecture today."


My collaboration with Ant HamptonThe Quiet Volume – best described as 'autoteatro for two people in a library', premieres in Berlin in English and German as part of Ciudades Paralelas, a festival of portable theatre curated by Stefan Kaegi and Lola Arias at HAU. The piece is in Berlin September 16 – 25 and already has presentations lined up for Buenos Aeries, Gent and Zurich.  We have some extraordinary libraries lined up as locations. It's been a long process… and one I really ought to have written about. Despite my relative silence the results are exciting though – we've been doing the final recordings in the last week or so.

"The Quiet Volume is a whispered, self-generated and 'automatic' performance for two at a time (in line with Hampton's other Autoteatro work), exploiting the particular tension common to any library worldwide; a combination of silence and concentration within which different peoples' experiences of reading unfold. Two audience members / participants sit side-by-side. Taking cues from words both written and whispered they find themselves burrowing an unlikely path through a pile of books. The piece exposes the strange magic at the heart of the reading experience, allowing aspects of it we think of as deeply internal to lean out into the surrounding space, and to leak from one reader's sphere into another's."


 A couple of small press/blog things.

The show The Moon Is An Arrant Thief at David Roberts Art Foundation, which featured one of my 2008 neons.

Frieze, on Unrealised Potential at Cornerhouse, a show for which I made a small-but-scurrilous contribution.