Email Fragments

22 May 2007

D. describing a bad gig:

my main impression of the audience was a constantly changing glow of faces lit up by their mobile phones as they were checking the time. I found myself whimpering like an 8 year old at one point in what felt like a free fall of lack of interest – but a couple of vodkas in the bar nearby seemed to help – a bit.

F. describing life in general at the moment:

no big stresses besides the usual bike
falls, benzine flares, lost keys, learning how to be
loved, shopping at german discount shops, etc, etc…

Some spammer/robot inserting random text after the usual gif with info on unmissable Cialis/Viagra/Stock Exchange Options:

We are the civilian contingent – representatives of the town intelligentsia and merchants.
The caller can disable this behavior by setting bit 3 in DX.