Email Fragments

6 November 2007

My friend J. wrote after seeing my performance by children project with Victoria, That Night Follows Day in Paris last week:

“At the applause my neighbour, a young woman in her mid-twenties, pointing out one kid to her friend:  “I want the same as this one”.
In the metro going back home (22h30) 2kids in front of me 8 and 12 maybe, couldn’t stop staring at them, trying to see into their brain, they were so quiet and I was imagining storm inside.”


W. wrote:

“I am sitting in hotel at one of those internet things where you put money in. was looking at your blog and time was running out. had to put money in as i was interested in the writer with three line stories thing. started to feel like one of those fair ground things where you put money in to see more – or maybe a peep show – and now trying to write to you with one minute one second left.

Something about time and money featuring in a place where it doesn’t normally occur.

There is a church nearby where tourists can pay a euro to ring the bells- and every half an hour three blind mice play badly across the town.”