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1 October 2012
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Acts of Voicing
Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart.
On the Poetics and Politics of the Voice
October 13, 2012 – January 13, 2013

I’m showing my collage prints and projections from the performance Void Story as part of this show as well as the neon Wait Here. Full info about the show here.

The voice is difficult to grasp—for, in contrast to the eye or the ear, it is not an integrative organ of the senses but is rather spawned by the transient interplay among several organs, such as the lungs, vocal chords, tongue, and gums. The voice always simultaneously exists both inside and outside of the body, and its immateriality weights just as strongly as its social and political import. It equally yields screaming and talking, sense and nonsense, noise and chanting. What is more, the voice is not only a tool of articulation but always likewise associated with action: it can name things, give commands, or swear an oath, declare people innocent or man and wife. How to Do Things with Words? reads the title of John L. Austin’s 1962 book on speech-act therapy.

The exhibition Acts of Voicing deals with the aesthetic, performative, and political significance of the voice from the vantage point of visual art, dance, performance, and theory. The exhibition centers on the agency and performativity of the voice. The aim is to examine both the resistive and the disciplined/disciplining voice—those voices that are heard and others that are not. Fighting to have one’s voice heard is as much of a topic as the power to silence someone or to force them to speak.

Intro text continues here.


Vote Back! / Stem Terug! DE VERBEELDING
Frascati & de Appel Arts Centre
Performance Saturday 6th October at 19.30 at Frascati.

Meanwhile my monologue text of mashed up political speeches Although We Fell Short , performed by Kate McIntosh is presented as part of this event on 6th October at 19.30 at Frascati in Amsterdam. Info here. Also – around the building – my Fight Posters.


Finally for the moment, I made a contribution to this investigative and publication project – Des Formes De Vie – comprising a four page chunk of my accumulating to do lists from 2010. Scary reading.

Franck Leibovici
(des formes de vie) une écologie des pratiques artistiques
Questions Théoriques, 2012