Broken World reviews

8 October 2009

Reviews of The Broken World are starting to appear. The best so far is from Stuart Kelly writing in Scotland on Sunday:

“ exhilarating and poignant tale of love, loss and computer games that ought to make the leap from “cult classic” to “popular success”… The Broken World is ultimately a humane and heartfelt book, with a proper emotional core wrapped up in a giddying fantasia. It manages to be desperately sad and desperately funny at the same time. It is a book of big ideas, cunningly delivered through a slacker’s shrug.”

So-so from the TLS, but it’s not online. An interesting, positive one from Matt Thorn writing in the July edition of the Literary Review, also not online.

Great blog responses so far from Big Dumb Object, and from Marcus Gipps.

I’ve also been doing some online interviews about the book. Here you can see the one from Metro which is also something of a review/feature, and the one for Big Dumb Object.


There’s a small review from The Guardian, August 22nd 2009.

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