Bad Man

30 August 2008

Brother Mark mailed:

Loved the butterfly story. And the Kinski clip.
Stroked his “crazy dog” outa frisco in the hills years back. He used to hide
up fire watch towers and abuse hikers babbling abt property and rights to em
from 20 metres up and talk abt his crazy dog. Had an electric collar which
he’d fry it when it got too close to said hikers. Mad laughter thru the
hills. And a stunned and crazy dog. Used to stop it mind.
Dragged his corpse thru the property where I was. Dog still there.
Fucker stank of skunks. the dog I mean. Glad the ol boy was dead i’d guess.
Mount Barnaby I dimly recall. California. Log cabin, woods etc. Anyhow.

Barbara Campbell mailed and sent haikus by Kerouac, not knowing that I kind of love Kerouac, which I read mostly way back in the past. I had forgotten these though:

Useless! Useless!
—heavy rain driving
Into the sea

Night fall – too dark
to read the page,
Too dark

New York at this point is warm and piss stinking streets and rats running under the cars on 1st street. Got called “a bad man” by a six year old Asian kid in Whole Foods. Usual story. I sat on a chair, the kid thought it was his chair. I was a bad man he said with deadpan even emphasis on the two words, his mum said no I was not a bad man, they had gone to the bathroom, how was I to know, I was just sitting there eating my lunch in a chair that was unoccupied, I was not a bad man the mum said but the kid was not convinced and made an enemy of me.