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17 September 2007
100 People

My video show One Hundred and Three People at Sketch in London opened this last weekend and runs until 6 November. Image above is from the new work 100 People.

Meanwhile Hugo has work in a show at Hansard Gallery in Southampton. Live Art on Camera shows the work of photographers who’ve documented seminal performance art events from the 1950s to the present in Europe, the United States and Japan, including (amongst others) Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Dona Ann McAdams,  Stuart Brisley and Leslie Haslam, Hollis Frampton, Ana Mendieta, Peter Moore, Ohtsuji Kiyoji, Adrian Piper, Tony Ray-Jones and Carolee Schneeman. As part of Hugo’s contribution you’ll find two images from Forced Entertainment’s And On The Thousandth Night…. The ongoing photography project he and I are doing together – Empty Stages – is also on view there at Hansard via DVD.

Tony White has a great new story at Barbarba Campbell’s epic 1001 Nights Cast called Do you hear that? I’m doing another contribution to it myself this Friday 21st. Added to the usual writing-to-a-prompt-and-against-a-time-limit restrictions on this occasion comes the fact that I’m going to be at airports/on planes and trains en route between Brussels and Graz for most of the allotted writing-time. We’ll see how that works.

Forced Entertainment‘s First Night is at Kaai Theatre in Brussels for one night only this Wednesday, 19th  at 20.30 as part of Kaai’s 30th Birthday celebrations.  That Night Follows Day is back on the road again – in Graz from 21-23rd September, kicking off the Steirischer Herbst festival. Full tour list at the Victoria site linked above.