Stayed Up All Night

12 December 2007

Hugo (see below) also nodded me towards these short youtube clips (here for example and here) promoting Douglas Coupland’s new book The Gum Thief. I’ve been thinking and talking to some people on what to do for my novel The Broken World when it is published by Heinmann next year; these are pretty good though it has to be said that as diverting book-promo Miranda July’s site for No One Belongs Here More Than You still takes some beating – as long as you don’t mind trashing your refrigerator.


Listening to: El-P I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.

Stand out line so far:

“I may have been born yesterday, sir, but I stayed up all night.” 


Power-cut disconnected the lights in the kitchen, while I was away but its all restored now. Only the digital clock on the cooker remains unstable – like time has been broken somehow. Glimpsed from outside the house in the dark and the cold the kitchen is lit by its hyper manic blinking on and off – seems more random than is plausible. An unheard electrical storm is raging – the electronics are haywire but still the scene proceeds. Sheet lightning in miniature. A room filled with an incoherence of tiny blue flashes.

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