Live Art Remains

14 June 2007
Signer Table

Been looking at the most recent issue Christopher Hewitt’s liveartwork DVD which features video documentation from contemporary live art and performance art. Issue Five has great material from Gary Stevens, Stuart Brisley and Goat Island.

Another good place to look for fragmentary Live Art remains these days seems to be YouTube. I guess everything will be there before too long, at least in more low-res/ stuttering form. I wrote here about a great John Cage clip involving a performance on a 50’s game show. More recently came across three very smart and short videos by Swiss artist Raymond Signer, two of them simple and funny interventions in landscape culled from a film by Peter Liechti. You can see them here, here and here.

Signer has been making his “temporary sculptures”–actions that he documents with film and video since the 1970s. These events, which can involve anything from amplified snoring to small rockets, are usually short-lived, often funny and always cathartic…

The rest of this article on Signer from Art in America by Gregory Volk.