In Progress

2 January 2008

Working on a whole lot of this:

Water is the same thing as ice. In America things are bigger. America is a country. Some men have sex appeal. Blind people cannot see anything. Burglars are men that go into houses and take things which do not belong to them. Mist is like smoke but it comes without  fire. The telephone is an amazing invention. A mouse that is dead is sometimes called a specimen. Love is difficult to describe. Fire is what happens when things get too hot. A waterfall is an example of nature at its most beautiful. Marilyn Monroe was a movie star. Frank Sinatra was a singer. French is a language. A language is a set of words and phrases or signs that you can put together to create different meanings. People have names, sometimes they have the same name but two people with the same name are not the same person. The same person can only have one body. Two people cannot live in the same body. Sometimes more than two people share  a house. Tadpoles are the children of frogs. One deception leads to another. An escalator is a staircase that moves all on its own. An elevator is also known as a lift. A refrigerator is more commonly called a fridge. Masturbating is not bad for you. Hills are made of land that slopes upwards. A dress is a piece of clothing commonly worn by women. Eyes are organs designed for seeing. A table has four legs. A window is an opening in a room built by people so that they can look out of it. A hostage is a prisoner used to bargain with. A bargain is a deal or an arrangement where one person has one thing and the other wants it and the first person has something that the other one wants and they made an exchange so that each party is more happy. Silence is golden which means it is valuable or important. A fart is gas that escapes from a body. Torture is a way of hurting people, mostly so that they will tell you things you need to know. Some bridges fall down under specific circumstances. Lions can make interesting subjects for statues.