All Over Everything

24 July 2007

You are woken by the sound of a child five metres away, sat on the floor, assembling and disassembling Lego, as carefully and quietly as it is possible to do so.


When you check mail there is spam with the subject-line 'big king'. Later, when the mood dips, they write to you with more Viagra/Stock Offers under the headings 'laser down', 'compressed tabloid' and 'surly pocket'.

 Someone has arrived at my site using the search terms/keywords 'live not exist' and 'i do not exist'. Phillosophy students or anxious teenagers? Someone with other motives (?) arrived from the search term 'where does Meg Ryan live?'. Hint: this info cannot be found on my site.


V reporting an overheard phone conversation:

a guy in the line behind me at duane read
23/07/2007 16:24
talking on the phone very loudly
23/07/2007 16:24
First he says 'why have you not called that girl yet?'
23/07/2007 16:25
then pause then he says
'shes a fucking assistant district attorney you idiot. and now theres fucking reporters everywhere. and that little bitch, i want her handcuffed when you take her out and i want her picture all over everything..

23/07/2007 16:26
..cos that guy – hes a litle faggot – he wont keep his fucking mouth shut'
23/07/2007 16:26
the checkout girl and i were looking at each other like 'oooo kkkk'