18 May 2011

Rampling shudders at the memory of watching Angelina Jolie process up the red carpet for Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life the previous evening. "She must have been there 20 minutes. And when I thought about what it meant, being there for all that time, not even speaking, I thought: Well, that’s what I never, ever could do. I know the power of my look, of who I am. And I’ll turn it on for the film or the photo session. But it’s a question of knowing what you can and can’t take. It would burn me. I would be absolutely burned."

Charlotte Rampling, full interview here.

Bio/Narrative by Location

14 May 2011

Mary Shelley’s journal on 19 December 1822, recollecting her years with Percy:

"France–Poverty–a few days of solitude & some uneasiness–A tranquil residence in a beautiful spot–Switzerland–Bath–Marlow–Milan–The Baths of Lucca–Este–Venice–Rome–Naples–Rome & misery–Leghorn–Florence Pisa–Solitude The Williams–The Baths–Pisa–These are the heads of chapters–each containing a tale, romantic beyond romance."

More Quiet Voulme

11 May 2011

After a great run in London as part of the London Word Festival, my interactive library-based collaboration with Ant Hampton, The Quiet Volume, is back in Berlin starting tomorrow in the fabulous Grimm Zentrum – presented within the HAU programme. Shortly afterwards the piece premieres in Polish for Ciudades Paralelas, Warsaw.

Berlin – May 12 – 16, 19 – 23.
Hebbel am Ufer, (Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum), Berlin, Germany.

Warsaw. May 26 – June 3.
Ciudades Paralelas, Warsaw, Poland (Polish language premiere).

There were many great reviews of the piece in London. Small selection of the best – from interval drinks , from The Guardian, and most comprehensive/sharpest once again from Matt Trueman.