Nothing Good House

Curatorial Project
Collaboration with Vlatka Horvat

Images: © Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat

In Nothing Good House Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat invited other artists to present work in one of three temporary houses constructed in Kunsthaus Graz, as part of a larger exhibition Protections. Through a period of four weeks, the space was used as a site for an unfolding presentation of works in installation, performance, text, and video.

In place of the commonplace perspective on house or home –  as welcoming shelter, a safe or protected space – Nothing Good House created an environment that subtly invoked unease and uncertainty, stasis, threat and anxiety.

Horvat and Etchells’ own collaborative works – created especially for the project – included a faxing dialogue or exchange To Bring Down a House and a performative work Rotten Days that involved painting a new text daily on one of the walls in the house.

Participating artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Kristina Horvat Blazinovic, Johannes Atli Hinriksson, Lucky Pierre, Howard Matthew, Brad McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, Oliver Michaels, Kate McIntosh, Adrian Paci, Graham Parker, Paulette Phillips, Sean Reynard, Aîda Ruilova, Anna Witt.