London in pieces

19 June 2010

The performance I made with the amazing Fumiyo Ikeda last year is finally presented in the UK this week. In Pieces plays at Sadlers Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio, London, EC1R 4TN. Friday 25 – Saturday 26 Jun 2010. 8pm. Ticket office: 0844 412 4300.



18 June 2010

It is our pleasure to inform you that the lift is now working.
There is still a slight problem with the indicator panel showing which floor the lift is stopping at. This means that, until this is corrected, the following applies:
LEVEL 1 is shown as B
LEVEL 2 is shown as G
LEVEL 3 is shown as 1
LEVEL 4 is shown as 2
LEVEL 5 is shown as 3
We have put a copy of this up in the lift.  Normal service should resume next week when the engineers return to fix the indicator panel.

Admont: Unnatural History (Audio Guide)

2 June 2010



Tim Etchells: Admont: Unnatural History: Audio Guide

If that baboon was alive he could feel that the warthog is staring right at the back of his head the whole time. You cannot tell really why they arranged it that way. You cannot really understand. But I think it is not so good for the little baboon. Nobody likes that feeling. It feels like someone is drilling in the back of your head when they stare at you like that.