9 November 2010

tim etchells - red sky at night -dsc_8990teeditsml.jpg

A couple of the more interesting blog/online reviews of The Thrill of it All which I made with Forced Entertainment: Carousel of Fantasies and Art Review. Also an extended web-radio/audio archive interview about the project here.

Above you see more images of the accumulating Red Sky at Night piece from my show in Bremen which closes on 21 November. I’m in Bremen next Friday 19th November at 7pm for a video screening and discussion.

Also coming soon: the Beunos Aires version of Ciudades Paralelas which features the project The Quiet Volume (auto teatro for two people in a library) which I made in collaboration with Ant Hampton. More info on The Quiet Volume at Ant Hampton’s website. Documentation here of the Berlin Ciudades Paralelas. Also here.