White Paint

13 January 2008
Responding to my last 1001 Nights Cast story Mike wrote simply: “$2900-dollars-a-night: Mart loved it to pieces, but we were looking for a Western–“, with a link pointing to this site.


I am walking thru fog with S, taking him to school. It’s early morning, the sky is still pretty dark in fact and the fog is very thick – an expanse of dense whiteness. From nowhere a guy appears on the pavement ahead of us. A slouching bloke in his work-clothes, looking old and tired already – one hand grips the handle of a large open can of white emulsion paint, the other clutches a paltry still-wet paint brush. Like he has been out there all night, just mixing and painting the fog that we are walking through, just finished his job and now heading home while we start the day.



T. 16.26:

y. i dunno. looks like it might be kind of chic but empty clever to me

V. 16:26:

the reviews are saying dark and gloomy and pessimistic

T. 16:27:

oh well. guess that cld be a good combo.