5 July 2007

K (reading Mark Danielewski's brilliant House of Leaves) wrote me:

"Bachelard says that our childhood homes physically form our imaginations. So in a way we're always there, ripping up carpets or  digging into corners, or building whole new extensions I guess. For  me there's something very physical about [this relationship to space] too – related to our understanding of our bodies…"


M. mailed me a link to a 1995 sound installation piece by Janek Schaefer, titled Recorded Delivery. Made by sending a voice/sound activated tape-recorder in a package on a journey through the postal system from studio to gallery it looks like a conceptual precursor for the great Tim Knowles Spy Box piece I wrote about briefly a while ago and which involved a boxed/rigged camera sent by post to record the sights of it's journey. Audio samples, and details of a vinyl edition recording of the Janek Schaefer Recorded Delivery are here.