Promises, Passwords and Signals

23 August 2007
John Baldessari



















Beautiful Robert Smithson drawing at the amazing Ubuweb. Also nice list-work from Bruce McLean and the John Baldessari as proto-Bart above. I am going to lose myself in there sometime when I get near a decent connection (see below).


I am stood in the narrow part of the hotel room, right up by the door, with the laptop raised above shoulder height and turned at a slight angle in order to catch the ghost of the fucking wifi signal that haunts this annex. I have resorted to this only in desperation after the previous tactic of shifting position slightly on the bed for fifteen minute periods failed to find the tiny pocket of signal that sometimes can be found there, tangled in the sheets. If you get this message please come and get me. I am in room 133.


From the train, coming here, days ago.

The kid I can’t see who’s sat behind us says:

But you cant be scared, because it is your voice.

And then later:

Mum can’t turn her voice into your voice.


Automatically generated:

Please note that your temporary password for the ****** System is: starsshame

The password is case sensitive.
Your UserId has been sent in a separate email.