Out of Here

11 February 2009

Adding new scenes and fragments to the text for Void Story. Trying to make sense of the shape.

R: Where you heading?
A: We just want to get out of here.
R: That’s where I’m going. Climb in the back. This front seat is full of stuff.
R: I’m Rhian. What are your names?
B: I’m Kim and this is Jackson. We’re exhausted.
R: I used to work for a Plastics Company. Before the whole thing went bust. My husband left around the same time, just after my dad died and then my son got sent to prison. The oldest one that is. The first one’s been in prison for ages. Then my house got washed away in a flood. It’s been a bad year so far. Am I talking too much?
B: No. It’s OK.
R: I drive a lot, working sales now. I find that talking helps me stay awake. I have to cover big distances. up and down the road network like nobody’s business. I mean I like the car, then other times I don’t like it at all. It’s funny like that. But the talking helps…
My daughter said I talked too much, god rest her soul. And my grandaughter used to agree. I don’t see her anymore, since they immigrated. Her dad got court-martialed then the coma of course.. After the earthquake I was so unhappy I started to diet. Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. Doctor said I had distorted body image. To me I just looked fat. My dog died. The new house I moved to was a total disaster. Talk about bad neighborhood. I got these sores from a river bed full of pollution. Are you sleeping?
B: Just looking out of the window.
R: Don’t mind me. I’m sick but what I’ve got’s not catching. A golden voice my dad used to say, well before he moved out. The road I lived on got bulldozed by accident. I had my uterus removed. A bad year. I asked them if I could live without one. And they said don’t worry, you’ve got two, you can lose one, get rid of the other. Liars. I fell in love with this guy. Oh. He was beautiful. He had such grace. Such grace. But he stole my stuff and sold it all. Ebay he said. Go look on Ebay. And the pictures he took of me too. Disgusting pictures. What he did to me, with that sexual organ of his.
B: Where are we going?
R: The nearest town. There’s a Dance Marathon. I won’t enter but I do love to watch. People dancing for days on end, dancing and dancing – last ones to drop are the winners. Prizes are huge. You can eat on that for the rest of your life. Never want for anything. Never want at all.
B: Sounds good.
R: He’s nice your friend. Would you sell him to me?
B: No.
R: I need someone to work around the house. I’m looking for someone, a slave I suppose..
B: He’s not for sale. He’s a person with free will.
R: Suit yourself. We’re in the city now. You two better get out.