Dream Fragment

18 February 2009

A dream about X's child. I'm at their house. The kid daughter is playing with some strange creature, a toy, that is in some way animated/electronic, in the form of a dog. In the game the dog creature seizes the daughter by the wrist. they push and pull, the daughter is released. The dog robot thing chases catches her again. there's laughter but there's something wrong in the scene, hard to tell what. Later in the dream the daughter sits at the table with us to eat and in the background the robot dog thing continues to play… only now there's a second robotic figure playing the role that the daughter occupied previously in the game. glimpsing this from the corner of my eye I realise how like the daughter this second robot is but im not sure if that's been noticed by the others. I'm also not sure if the the girl, in her game, 'plays at' being (takes on the role of) the second robot or if the robot and its actions are somehow in any case modeled on her.

One of those confusing dreams in any case. In which late on (stlll dreaming) I realise that I would like to write this down. So in the dream already I am searching for words, dream tongue testing sentences, over and over and with each of them I seem (or fear) to get further from the truth of what I have seen.