An Annotated Version of your Own Head

25 July 2007
Hannah Kozak

My friend K wrote, saying that my previous fragment here on disappearance/double lives/doppelgangers made her think of this collection of images which show stunt double/actress Hannah Kozac next to people that she was doubling for, mainly in various David Lynch movies.

The stills themselves seem like troubling real-world extensions of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire.

K wrote: “it looks like the beginning of a big collection. and something about  star quality, and then suddenly a picture of her on fire.


Third part of a three part interview with William Gibson at Amazon, in advance of the release for his new one Spook Country which I’m really looking forward to after Pattern Recognition, has this nice interchange on writing and using google. So are you able to google during your writing day, or do you have to block that off and say, all right–

Gibson: No, I’ve got Word open on top of Firefox. That’s very courageous.

Gibson: It’s kind of the only way I can do it. It’s replaced looking out the window, but I have to have– You need a certain stimulation to work off of.

Gibson: Yeah, I need a certain stimulation. It kind of feels like when you’re floating underwater and you’re breathing through a straw. The open Firefox is the straw: like, I can get out of this if I have to. I can stay under until I can’t stand it anymore, and then I go to BoingBoing or something. I think for some writers, they’d never get back in the pool with Google open to them.

Gibson: It’s not that interesting for me. I’m okay with it because it doesn’t pull me in that much. The thing that limits you with Google is what you can think of to google, really. There’s some kind of personal best limitation on it, unless you get lucky and something you google throws up something you’ve never seen before. You’re still really inside some annotated version of your own head.